HBC Insurance Marketing is a dedicated IMO to the high end, sophisticated agent that wants real service and not another dinner seminar idea. Money attracts money, and so when you can offer products and plans that no one else has, THAT is what will grow your business.

At HBC, we want you to not just excel, we want you to thrive. Get to the top and stay there.

We will show you how.

This business is about helping the agents who help high net worth clients grow and protect their wealth. 

"Do for one, what you wish you could do for everyone" 

~ Andy Stanley

Our Mission

HBC Insurance Marketing is a professional annuity and life insurance distribution organization committed to:

  • Delivering high quality strategies utilizing proprietary and limited distribution products  to our loyal agents in the independent markets

  • Servicing our agents' and vendors' needs while exceeding their expectations 

  • Differentiating ourselves by providing exceptional customer service to quality agents

  • Creating an environment which motivates employees to achieve maximum potential

  • Valuing long-term relationships with insurance carriers and agents

  • Maintaining a vision towards the future by positioning ourselves to take the lead with industry changes while maintaining our commitment to setting the standard in the industry


The pursuit and achievement of our mission will result in outstanding agent satisfaction, high job satisfaction for our associates and long term sustainable growth for our carriers.  Together, we all win!


Our Vision

to help individuals, institutions, businesses and communities achieve security, build wealth and realize their dreams.

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